EasyLaw Land Search Turnaround Time

EasyLaw Land Search Turnaround Time



  1. EasyLaw makes the best efforts in ensuring the time frame is the latest updated. If the land office closes without prior notice EasyLaw will delay the delivery of land search results. Kindly contact us at bit.ly/myeasychat for any inquiries regarding the time frame below. 
  2. EasyLaw reserves the right to make any changes to the time frame below without prior notice. 
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Updated: 3rd Jan 2024


All States in Malaysia 


State Land Office Condition
All state  Open


Land Search Turnaround Time 

Types of Land Search Estimated Turnaround Time
Private Land Search (Carian Persendirian) 1-3 working days 
Official Land Search (Carian Rasmi) 7-14 working days
CTC Title (Salinan Sah Hakmilik)
  • Other State: 7-14 working days 
  • For Johor state: More than 1 month excluding weekends and holidays