Guidelines on how to read Land Search Result (Basic)


  Basic Knowledge
1)  Keluasan   Land Size in square metres
2)   Taraf   Pegangan   Land Status, ‘Selama-lamanya’ means Freehold, ‘Pajakan’ means Leasehold. If it is Leasehold, then you will know the lease expiry date at ‘Tarikh Luput Pajakan’.
3)  Kawasan   Rizab   Malay Reserved  Land

 Sekatan Kepentingan 

  Restrictions in Interest, mostly applicable to Leasehold land as any   change of name need to get State Authority Consent approval letter   first before submitting for registration.
5)  Pemilikan dan Alamat

Registered owner(s) name, NRIC No. and corresponding address.

6)   Tanggungan dan endorsan-endorsan lain.   Encumbrances. Any Change of Name, Charge and Caveat will be stated here.