Guidelines on how to read Land Search Result (Advanced)

What Information Does A Land Search Results Contain (What Is Included In A Land Search)

Below is an example of Private Land Search ( Catatan Carian Persendirian)



  Description in Malay Description in English Information on Land Search Results 


Land Area Land Size in square metres.
2(a)  Taraf   Pegangan  Land Status  

Selama-lamanya = Freehold

Pajakan = Leasehold.
2(b) Tarikh Luput Pajakan Lease Expiry Date If the property is Leasehold, the expiry date will be stated here. Land Search from other states may even state the Lease tenure such as 99 years
3  Kawasan   Rizab  Malay Reserved Land  If the land or property is Malay Reserved Land, then it can only be transferred to Malay and need to apply for approval from the states
4 Sekatan Kepentingan  Restrictions in Interest Restrictions in Interest, mostly applicable to Leasehold land as any   change of name need to get State Authority Consent approval letter   first before.

Pemilikan dan Alamat 

Ownership and address .Registered land owner(s) details are stated here. Do take note that some property may have registered many years ago thus the owner’s NRIC number may still be the old NRIC no. or non at all.
6  Tanggungan dan endorsan-endorsan lain  Encumbrances

All current and in effect encumbrances are stated here.

7 Cukai Petak Quit Rent Yearly Quit Rent rate of the land or property submitting for registration
8  Pindahmilik Tanah  Land Transfer  The information on when and how the current registered owner(s) acquired the property from
9 Gadaian menjamin wang pokok  Charge  The information on when and which bank the registered owner(s) obtain the loan and Charge to the bank
10  Urusan-urusan dalam perserahan yang belum didaftarkan  Presentation that has not been registered Any Presentation submitted but have not be registered yet will be stated here
11 Urusan-urusan yang tidak berkuatkuasa Encumbrances not in effect  Past transfer, caveat, charge that are not in effect anymore
12  Hakmilik yang terdahulu  Previous title number  Contains the previous title number before updated to current title number. Useful to connect documents with old title details to current title details


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