What Details Land Search Result Contains

What Information Does A Land Search Results Contain (What Is Included In A Land Search)



What is Land Search? 

Land Search contains important information regarding a property or land that can be obtained through respective land registrar offices throughout Malaysia. Information such as the registered owner(s), whether the property or land is with encumbrance(s) or other impediments (s) is helpful during decision-making in acquiring the property or land especially during Proclamation of Sale.


Important information that is stated on a land search such as:-

1. Land status, whether the property is freehold or leasehold.

2. Whether the property Malay reserve land.

3. Any restrictions in interest.

4. The land size.

5. The currently registered landowner.

 6. Land encumbrances.


3 types of Land Search that can be conducted:-


Master Land Search  Individual Land Search Strata land Search 

1. Contains information on the undivided land that is still under the Developer or proprietor's name.

1. Can be conducted once the land is subdivided.

1. Can be conducted once the land is subdivided.

2. Not advisable if you are intending to look for information about a particular property within the housing project.

2. Is for the specific landed property. 2. Is for the high rises property. 

3. Eg: Terrance or Semi-D house, Bungalow, or individual land plot. 

3. Eg: Flat, Apartment, Condominium, Serviced apartment, Townhouse & ,etc. 


Therefore, here are some features to look for to distinguish:-


  Master Land Search   Individual Land Search Strata land Search 

Land Size is usually huge. 

Land Size is usually within usual square meters of landed property.  

Contains several forward slashes '/' in the title number. 


Even though the land search may contain some if not all important information pertaining to a property or land, Land Search does not yield the following:-

  1. Registered Power of Attorney
  2. Whether the property or land is a Bumi Reserved Lot (do not be confused with Malay Reserved Land status)


To enable you to conduct a successful land search, you are required to have the full title detail. Unfortunately, the property’s postal address cannot be used to conduct a land search nor a reverse search by using someone’s name and NRIC No. to search for any property registered to the individual.


Where to obtain full title details:-

  • Individual or Strata title deed
  • Quit Rent bill (applicable to landed property or Selangor strata property)
  • Sale & Purchase Agreement (the title detail may be invalid if the property is acquired many years before, therefore it is best to check with the Developer or building management)


How To Conduct Online Landsearch in Malaysia without going to land office?

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