EasyLaw Service Charges

EasyLaw Service Charges 


How Local charges works: 

Eg: You (Melaka) + Land Search (Melaka) = Local 

How Outstation charges works: 

Eg: You (Melaka) + Land Search (Selangor) = Local 


Types of Land Search EasyLaw Local Charges (RM) EasyLaw Outstation Charges (RM)
Private Land Search 20  (except Selangor) 70
Official Land Search 50 80
CTC Title 50 80

*Above charges are not inclusive of Land Office Disbursement. Click HERE to view the charges for Land Office Disbursement. 



Due to the Movement Restriction Order, the Selangor Land Offices have a new SOP so we have no choice but to comply and raised our price for Local Selangor Private land search to RM30. Effective since 19th June 2020. 


Terms & Conditions:

1. EasyLaw reserves the right to make any changes to the price above without prior notice.