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Automate all your fees calculation on Sale & Purchase Agreement (SPA), Loan & Tenancy Agreement at your phone. Get results within 9 seconds.


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Our advanced calculators enable you to easily estimate/ calculate the gain tax payable.


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Save your calculation results & share it with your clients instantly. With few simple clicks, you can retrieve the saved results easily.


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Free access to 10 important Malaysia’s Statutes including Rules of Court 2012, Companies Act 2016, Penal Code and etc.


TestimonialsWhat Others Say

  • Forget about manual calculation on legal fees and stamp duty. Now I can calculate my client's legal fees & stamp duty easily. I can even save & share the results with clients instantly. Save time for me!.

    Ms. Lim(32)Conveyancing Lawyer , PJ

  • I used to have Rules of Court 2012 hardcopy in my suitcase every time at KL High Court. Well, I don’t need to bring the heavy statutes with me now. I can just access it from my handphone.

    Kevin(29) Litigation Lawyer , KL

  • RPGT calculation can be quite complicated and confusing when I am calculating my client's and my own investment. Easylaw solves this for me. Thanks for your innovation!

    Brandon(35) Property Agent cum Investor, JB


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