Online Land Search in Kedah

Online Land Search in Kedah

Land search will enable you to get information about the property including the owner details, property details including the latest restriction of interest of the land, the encumbrance, charges and caveat that is present on the property. Land search can be obtained by buying it from the land office.


What land search can be bought from the Kedah Land office?

  • Private Land Search (Carian Persendirian)
    • Contained detailed information from the title.
  • Official Land Search (Carian Rasmi)
    • A printout in black and white, produced by the relevant land office, providing the full description of the property or plot of land, and bearing the signature and stamp of the Land Registrar on the last page, which is used as part of supporting documentation for submission to a government agency.
  • Certified True Copy of Title (Salinan Sah Hakmilik)
    • A copy of the original title which is a certified true copy by the Land Registrar

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Information disclosed from the land search result:

What are the details contained in the land search result?

  1. Ownership and address
  2. Title Number: A unique number that identifies the properties (checking if the details given were the same as the property you were interested in)
  3. Land status: Leasehold or freehold
  4. Land Purpose: Agricultural, industrial, commercial or residential
  5. Leasing expiry date
  6. Land area: Land size in square metres
  7. Malay reserve land
  8. Restrictions in Interest: Restrictions in Interest, are mostly applicable to Leasehold land as any change of name needs to get a State Authority Consent approval letter first before.
  9. Encumbrances: Claim against the property by the entity that is not the owner, e.g.: Mortgage, Caveat, and Charge)
  10. Land transfer: The information on when and how the current registered owner(s) acquired the property from

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Sample of Kedah Land Search:


How much Land office charge to buy land search:

Types of Land Search Land Office Charges (RM)
Private Land Search 30
Official Land Search 75
Certified Ture Copy (CTC) Title 75

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What Information do you need to have to buy a land search ?

 The land officer will inquire about the Full title details before conducting the Land.

Full title details including:

  1. Title type
  2. Title Number
  3. Daerah
  4. State                           
  5. Lot Number
  6. Mukim

However, it might be a situation where you cannot find the title details of the property you want to buy due to some circumstances. Hence, there is a service called extraction of title information. A service that helps you to get the full title details of the property where the title details will be extracted from a registered document in the land office. Extract your document Now

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How long do I have to wait to get a land search result?

Depending on the situation, if you give the correct title details and there is no issue with the land office system you might get the result quite fast but it depends on the type of land search you wish to conduct. Usually, it might take a longer time for an official land search since the document needs to be signed and chopped by a land officer, on the other hand, CTC might be delayed due to finding the Plan Tanah since there might be a situation where the Land office haven’t acquired the Pelan Tanah from Department of Survey and Mapping Malaysia (JUPEM) or your CTC need to be checked manually from the book (Haven’t transfer to the land office system). In this situation, you might have to go back and forth to the land office to check your land search status. However, there is an easier way for you, EasyLaw can help you to conduct your land search Online.


How to Conduct Online Kedah Land Search with Easylaw?

Submit your order with EasyLaw via our website Here. Our service charge exclusive SST are as below:

Types of Land Search EasyLaw local service charge (RM) EasyLaw Outstation service Charge (RM)
Private Land Search 20 70
Official Land Search 50 80
Certified Ture Copy (CTC) Title 50                                 80