Online Land Search in Melaka

Online Land Search in Melaka

A Melaka Land Search (Carian Tanah) is usually conducted to verify the latest title details, land usage, information of the owner, and any transactions regarding the property.


Melaka has 3 types of land search:

  • Private Land Search (Carian Persendirian)
    • A printout in black and white that contains all of the relevant land office's title information.
  • Official Land Search (Carian Rasmi)
    • A printout in black and white, produced by the relevant land office, providing the full description of the property or plot of land, and bearing the signature and stamp of the Land Registrar on the last page, which is used as part of supporting documentation for submission to a government agency.
  • Certified True Copy of Title (Salinan Sah Hakmilik)
    • A duplicate of the original title that has been officially attested as being accurate by the land registrar. Not to be substituted for the presentation's original title.


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Land office charges for land search in Melaka:

Types of Land Search Land Office Charges (RM)
Private Land Search 30
Official Land Search 50
Certified Ture Copy (CTC) Title 50

Refer: Land Office Disbursement in Malaysia


How to conduct Melaka land search online?

With EasyLaw, you can easily conduct a Melaka land search online hassle-free! EasyLaw is a legal tech company specializing in helping the general public conduct online land searches for all states in Malaysia. All you need to do is simply submit your request online and we will handle the rest for you!

Below are EasyLaw service charges for online land searches in Melaka:

Types of Land Search EasyLaw Local Charges (RM) EasyLaw Outstation Charges (RM)
Private Land Search 20 70
Official Land Search 50 80
Certified Ture Copy (CTC) Title 50 80

*above charge is exclusive of SST

Refer: EasyLaw Service Charge


What information can you get from a Melaka land search?

  • A land search will display the current owner's details such as:
    • The full name
    • Last registered address
    • IC number


  • The current Title Type:
    • In Melaka, there are the usual title types such as:
      • Geran (GRN), Geran Mukim (GM), Pajakan Negeri (PN), Pajakan Mukim (PM), Hakmilik Sementara Daftar (HSD), Hakmilik Sementara Mukim (HSM), etc.
      • There are also unique title types for Melaka which are Hakmilik Sementara Mukim MCL (HMM) and Geran Mukim MCL (GMM).


  • The size and location of the property or land:
    • Usually in a land search, the land’s size is shown as a reference.
    • The location information of the property/land includes the state, district, town, and lot number. But it will not include the address of the property/land.
    • Please be aware that the title information differs significantly from the standard address we typically use (as shipping address)
    • If you only have an address and you wish to know the title details of the land, you may engage EasyLaw’s services to Extract Land Title Information.


  • The land’s specific purpose or usage:
    • Residential, agricultural, commercial, or industrial


  • The land’s status:
    • Freehold: The owner has complete control over the use and disposal of the land or other property.
    • Leasehold:  The freeholder is selling the owner a lease for the right to occupy the home for a specified period of time. The freeholder (or landlord) will continue to be the legal owner of the property and the land it is situated on, therefore the owner will not technically own the property outright.


  • The land’s tenancy (for leasehold only):
    • The length of the lease will be visible on the land search. Before buying any property or land, the buyer must verify the remaining lease term.


  • The land’s restriction of Interest:
    • This refers to any restrictions placed by the State Government on the registered property/land proprietor's ability to transfer his land, subdivide, partition, or amalgamate it, as well as any restrictions placed on his ability to deal with it through the establishment of a lease, charge, or easement and etc.


  • Any encumbrance(s) on the land:
    • There will be a transaction record of any charge or caveat on the land or property and its current status.
    • To find out more in-depth details regarding any specific caveat or other encumbrances on the property or land, EasyLaw can assist you to Extract the CTC ( Certified-True-Copy) of the Caveat or Encumbrances,
    • Usually, a normal land search will not show any outdated encumbrances


  • The details of the previous title:
    • As proof that the title has changed, usually, the previous title number is recorded in the land search. However, not all land searches will provide details about the past titles because it will depend on the respective land office.


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