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[ 10 September 2019Negeri Sembilan - Strata Title Results Delay Issue

For Private Land Search, land office's strata title system in Negeri Sembilan is still using manual system.

Thus, they are still unable to print out the private land search.The land office may only allow copy through handwriting. 

For Official Land Search for strata title experiences same situation, thus it will take more than 2 working weeks to get the results.

EasyLaw has been following up closely with Land office, Land office mentioned there is no other work around at the moment - other than waiting them to update the system as soon as possible

We will follow up closely , and apologies on the inconvenience caused to you.


[ 28 August  2019 ]  Change of Land Search Cut Off  Time to 3pm &  Change of Customer Service Hours to 9AM - 6PM

Effectively from 1st Sep 2019, our cut off time is 3 p.m for land search processing.

All land search that is submitted (with full payment) after 3 p.m. will proceed on the next working day.

From 1st Sep 2019, our operation hour will change to 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

We apologize for any inconveniences caused. If you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact us at or +6019-6176178
Thank you and have a nice day!

[ 11 April  2019 ]  Bandar Baharu Land Office  Requires 7 Working Days to Get the Land Search Results

Due to land office's operation, any land search conducted in Bandar Baharu (Kedah) needs 7 working days to get the results. 
The timeline is subject to change according to land office. If you need further clarification please contact 0196176178 or email,my

[ 1 March 2019 ]  Negeri Sembilan Land Offices- No Refund for Land Office Disbursements - Tak Wujud & Batal              

Due to land office's rule, please take note that we are no longer refunding land office disbursements for Tak Wujud / Batal cases in Negeri Sembilan.
If you need further clarification please contact us at 0196176178. 
Thank you. 

[ 1 March 2019 ]  Local Charges Still As Low As RM20              

There is no changes in EasyLaw's local land search charges.

Our local land search charges is still at RM20.