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[ 11 April  2019 ]  Bandar Baharu Land Office  Requires 7 Working Days to Get the Land Search Results

Due to land office's operation, any land search conducted in Bandar Baharu (Kedah) needs 7 working days to get the results. 
The timeline is subject to change according to land office. If you need further clarification please contact 0196176178 or email,my

[ 1 March 2019 ]  Negeri Sembilan Land Offices- No Refund for Land Office Disbursements - Tak Wujud & Batal              

Due to land office's rule, please take note that we are no longer refunding land office disbursements for Tak Wujud / Batal cases in Negeri Sembilan.
If you need further clarification please contact us at 0196176178. 
Thank you. 

[ 1 March 2019 ]  Local Charges Still As Low As RM20              

There is no changes in EasyLaw's local land search charges.

Our local land search charges is still at RM20.